12th 12

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Lord we hold that verse up across Northern Ireland this weekend

Lord we are aware of the tension on our streets

This is a weekend that can kick off the push and shove

As allegiances to our different ideologies

That can clash with impatience

And drive our thran hearts towards sectarianism and hatred

The traditions of one culture, fine in themselves

Can be waved viciously in the faces of others

And others can seek to find offence for their own agendas

We are addicts to our generations old sectarianism

Lord forgive us

And Lord as you are faithful and just to forgive us of our sins

Purify us from all unrighteousness

Replace our human ideologies with holy pragmatism

By your Spirit make us good neighbours

Encourage us to hold our own cultures with conviction

But gently

Inspire us to be Christlike humble towards neighbour

To be respectful

May your grace be alive within us. 

Grace is a powerful attitude and posture

That will cause us to never parade or fly flags or light bonfires or put effigies on bonfires

That would offend our neighbours

May all of our leaders 




Bands and lodges


Be stoked by your grace in all the decisions that needs to me made

In fragile, alienated and tense neighbourhoods

Lord may your grace never be used to feed our own arrogant self righteousness

But always to make us humble and respectful lovers of neighbour.

Lord If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Lord may it be so



Ps 23

(as we head towards a holiday season, a pastoral prayer for some refreshment for the flock... prayed in Fitzroy July 4th 2021)


Lord, we have lived through strange days

Challenging days

Lonely days

Fear filled days

Lord we are tired


Lord we have had our familiar stolen from us

Going to work familiar

Visiting family familiar

Shops, restaurants, concert familiar

Lord we are tired


Lord we have had to learn so many new things

Living in isolation

Working from home


Lord we are tired


Lord we have had to train ourselves with new skills

Living life online

Zoom meetings

Speaking to cameras

Lord we are tired


Lord we have gone through tough times in even tougher days

We have grieved alone

We have been in hospital alone

We have been anxious alone

Lord we are tired


Lord you are our shepherd

We find all that we need in you

Please Lord lay us down in green pastures

Lead us beside the quiet waters

Restore our souls


Lord, we have been stretched 

In our bodies

In our minds

And in our souls


Refresh us Lord

In green pastures

And by quiet waters

Give us rest over these summer months


And may we know

Your goodness and mercy follow us

And bring us back restored and refreshed


In Jesus our Lord and Shepherd’s name



Love Cosmos



Say it again




Forgive your familiarity

Crack the cliche open

Attend to the wonder

The size of it

Hear the words

And listen


Deep down

Be awestruck

The marvellous mystery

The spectacular magnificence

The Cinematic imaginings

Of the Creator and Sustainer

Of the Cosmos 

Cramming it

Every minuscule quark

With astronomical grace.


The words of wonder 

Became flesh…



We love


God first loved us

Love is a force

That draws in  

The spinning broken pieces 

Of our world

Our relationships

And ourselves

Love is always mending

Love is never ending

Love is ever sending

The loved 

To love


So love.


McCrea Belfast from Cavehill

Photo: Philip McCrea - Belfast, Sunday just before sunrise from Cave Hill 


A prayer I prayed in Fitzroy just before the 4 Corners Festival 2021 where the theme of the Festival was Breathe...


Lord, when we think of our city and our world

Over these last 10 months

We are aware that we have had the breath knocked out of us

Not only by Covid

But by sectarianism, ever with us

And racist attacks 

Like the one in the Belfast Multi Cultural Centre building

That uses to be a church

Donegal Pass Presbyterian met in that building

And some of us worshiped there

A racist hate crime

Knocking the breath out of people’s lives

And Domestic abuse Lord, 

Sometimes literally knocking the breath out of us

Businesses on the brink Lord

In these strange times, knocking the breath out of us

Brexit’s uncertainty, knocking the breath out of us

And the pressures in hospitals and schools

Working on our frontlines

Breathless, weary

And Lord there has been illness, grief, isolation

It is not only the physical that we are feeling

But there is pressure 

On our mental, emotional and spiritual lives

Like the breath is being knocked out of us

And so we pray for our city

Our world 

And our own lives

That you would breathe

Your warm sweet breath of love

And comfort, strength and resilience.


As we breath in Lord

May we breath in

Your warm sweet breath of love *


And Lord we are aware this morning

That we have a city and a world

That needs that warm sweet breath of love

Breathed upon it

Lord “may we be your breath

Moving over the face of the deep

May we be a particle of your light

Glowing over the hills of morning” **

May we be your resource

To breath out

The warm sweet breath of love

And comfort and strength and resilience

To all of those that we may meet

Though that is less likely in lockdown days

But to those we intentionally reach out to

In social media, or my phone or by letter

Or maybe even just prayer at a distance.


As we breath in Lord

May we breath in

Your warm sweet breath of love

As we breathe out Lord

May we breathe your warm sweet breath of love

Across our city… and our world.



* The Warm Sweet Breath Of Love is a song by Horslips

** These lines are from Bruce Cockburn's song The Hills Of Morning


Walking in wards

(prayers I used in Fitzroy on January 24, 2021, inspired by Richard Carter's The City Is My Monastery and the lectionary text "follow me...")


Lord I want to walk with you through my city

I want to walk along the pavements

Down University Street onto the Ormeau Road

Weaving through people of different faiths and political persuasions 

People of many nations, colours, cultures

To smell fish and chips, see carpet stores

And kids spilling out of An Droichead

Running across the road to Mornington

Past cafes and bars and law courts and banks to Victoria Square


Lord I want to walk with you

As you stop to give dignity to the man sleeping in the doorway

Pray healing on the woman in the woman’s refuge

As you share your own story with the refugee running from dangers at home


Lord I want to walk with you

As you pray for the business woman struggling to keep going through lockdown

As you feel deep sadness for the rich man off to work for what isn’t gaining him his soul


Lord I want to walk with you 

As you make a special visit to our hospitals

As you put your hand on the shoulders of doctors and nurses, ambulance drivers and cleaning staff alike

To breathe resilience, stamina and compassion into their weariness

As you sit by the bedside of those who are ill or dying

Being with them when their loved ones cannot

As you pray for those whose treatment is on hold in order to deal with the crisis with this pandemic


Lord I want to walk with you in my city 

As I do 

Caress my soul

With your compassion and love

Be the rock and refuge of the Psalms at my side

Lord I want to walk with you in my city

And as I do 

Collide with my soul

Turning around my attitudes, values, ambitions, decisions and daily intentions


Lord I want to walk with you in my city

To find myself redeemed and transformed

That I might do what Jesus would do

In my city.




why not take a walk through Belfast at this year's 4 Corners Festival... The Wonderful Wander is not cancelled... we are locked down but rocked up! Book for The Wonderful Wander and other events, including one with Richard Carter at:

A PRAYER FOR AMERICA (on Inauguration Day)



Today I pray for you

Grace and imagination


Take a moment… or more

To take a deep breath


To calm

The body

The heart

The soul

Breathe in 

To slow down the political adrenaline

That has been raging

Through veins of hyped up opinions

Breathe in

To stand still and look around

To gain perspective

Of self

Of neighbour 

Of nation

Breathe in

Breathe in the grace of God


That forgives

That resets relationships

That draws in fraternity

That restores peace.



Today I pray for you

Grace and imagination


Take a moment… or more

To take a deep breath


Across streets and alleyways

Mountains and deserts

Coastlines and prairies

Breathe out

A vision for this gift of democracy

Inspiration to shape the good of all

Compassion for the least of these

Breathe out

A role model of healing for the world

A care for the stewardship of planet earth

A future of well being for the cosmos

Breathe out

Breathe out the imagination of God


That orders justice

That shapes community

That creates shalom



Today I pray for you 

(and for us all)

Grace and imagination

Breathe in

Breathe out


Here Comes 2021

Here comes the New Year

Not on one stroke of midnight

As in any other year


Last year was not any other year

Nor the year to come

These are two years blurring into one

But they will

Please God

Eventually split someday


That split is where to concentrate our new


Instead of one single moment

We are in a year between years

Between the old and the new

A year of frustration

Head hurt physical distance

Heart hurt social restriction

Soul hurt isolation


But in this anxious blur

We have time to see again

To surmise

The possibility of great correction

The potential of the new in New Year

The hope of newer ahead

Than the older back there

Newer in how we see each other

Newer in how we see the world

And our delicate, precious and unique place in it.


Here comes the New Year

Let us hope in “all things new”.

PRAYERS FOR OUR CARE FOR CREATION - Rhea Marshall (Fitzroy 15.11.2020)

Care For Creation

These are the prayers from the Fitzroy Sunday Service (on-line) on November 15, 2020, by Rhea Marshall.


Our prayers today our focused on the environment.

Please join me in prayers of thanksgiving, repentance and intercession for climate justice.

We start with a moment of thankfulness

In these challenging months,  for the comfort, beauty and joy, so many of us experience in your creation. We thank you God

For our favourite outdoor places, for the beauty of Autumn and fun exploring outdoors. We thank you God.

For how the earth sustains us, providing all that we need: warmth, food and shelter. We thank you God.

Lord you have taught us that repentance is about changing, turning and acting in new ways.  

We can feel overwhelmed when faced with Climate Crisis: [grief at what has been lost, sorrow for the harm we cause, and fear for the future]1.  When we have chosen to run from our feelings: Forgive us Lord.

When we have failed to respond to global warming, species decline, plastic and pollution, climate inequality and poverty, Forgive us Lord.

When we have consumed more than we have put back; when we have been caught up in economic systems and lifestyles which cause destruction; when we have been blind to [privileges gained through the exploitation of others]2 and the Earth: Forgive us Lord

When we have forgotten that we are just a tiny part of creation, and that caring for creation is the same as caring for each other, and caring for ourselves, Forgive us Lord.

We pray for climate justice.

We ask for the courage to change: to be people who strive for [peace over profit, activity over complacency and a greater good over today’s convenience.]3  Lord help us.

We ask for guidance in how we, individually and as a faith community, can bring about climate justice.  In considering our time and resources, our prayers and interactions, and the impact of all our actions. Lord help us. 

We pray for the many conservationists, environmental groups and individuals who work to protect our world.  May we learn from their dedication and experience.  May we come alongside them and support their work where we can.  Lord help us.

We pray for Stormont, where the climate change bill is currently being considered. We pray for the Northern Ireland executive and civil servants.   Give them courage and stamina, to lead us through the monumental cultural and behavioural changes required.  We pray for wisdom in supporting and challenging our governments in tackling the climate emergency.  Lord help us.  

We ask that you unite us all, individuals, our church community, our wider community and our government, in fighting to reduce carbon emissions, consumption levels and inequality. Lord help us.

Lord, remind us of [our love for this beautiful planet that feeds nourishes and sustains us.  Strengthen our love for the whole of humanity in all corners of the world.

Strengthen our desire to protect all of this, for ourselves, for all living beings and for generations to come.]4 In Jesus’s name we pray.  Amen.


  1. Ref Melanie Nazareth, p 254 “Time to Act” A resource book by the Christians in Extinction Rebellion spck 2020
  2. Ref Melanie Nazareth, p 256 “Time to Act” 
  3. Ref Fran Pratt, p272 “Time to Act” 
  4. Ref Solemn Intention Statement, Extinction Rebellion.


Stocki McCrea shot

photo: Philip McCrea


I was preaching on Jesus Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12). Much as I thinking that the greek word makarios is best translated blessed, blessed has lost a little bit of its pointed meaning. I am very unhappy with translations of the Beatitudes that translate it as happy. As I was preaching and seeking to unpack the text I started seeking my own translation and came up with "contented of deep soul". After I preached I jotted down my own Beatitudes based on many Biblical idea that I have preached on this past year. 


Contented of deep soul are those who know their place in God’s order of things

Contented of deep soul are those who look in the mirror and know that they are loved just as they are

Contented of deep soul are those who do not compare themselves with anybody else

Contented of deep soul are those who do not need to reach for the advertisers temptations to find satisfaction in the buying of things

Contented of deep soul are those who go to sleep knowing that they are forgiven for all their quirks, foibles and bad decisions

Contented of deep soul are those who forgive those who have hurt them because then they can no longer be hurt by the hurt

Contented of deep soul are who have discovered the gifts God has given them and have gifted them to the world

Contented of deep soul are those who love their neighbour with the the same grace that God loves them

Contented of deep soul who love their enemies and know the holiness of peacemaking

Contented of deep soul are those who are content with their place in God’s order of things


Get Out Of Your Own Way


I was preaching on Psalm 46… The Friday before, my friend Jim Deeds led us in prayer at a 4 Corners Festival planning meeting… Jim used a Richard Rohr quote about getting out of the way… Ah, thought I… that’s maybe where Bono get’s the line Get Out Of Your Own Way… Bono is a big reader of Rohr… my sermon took a meditative shift…  


Be still and know that I am God

- Psalm 46: 10 (NIV)


Stop striving and know that I am God;

- Psalm 46: 10 (NASB)


Healthy religion is always about love. All we can do is get out of the way. 

- Richard Rohr


The slaves are lookin' for someone to lead them

The master's lookin' for someone to need him

The promised land is there for those who need it most

And Lincoln's ghost said:

Get out of your own way

- U2



Get out of your own way

Moses had to do it when he made feeble excuses at the burning bush


Get out of your own way

His brothers had to do it when little David arrived to fight Goliath with only a sling 


Get out of your own way

Jonah had to do it when sectarianism prevented him fulfilling his calling 


Get out of your own way

David had to do it when he acknowledged his transgressions


Get out of your own way

Isaiah had to do it when he came face to face with a holy God


Get out of your own way

Peter had to do it when Mary told him tall tales about an empty tomb


Get out of your own way

Thomas had to do it when he doubted


Get out of your own way

Paul had to do it, all wrapped up in his legalism, on the Damascus Road


Get out of your own way

Where do I have to do it?


Get out of your own way


Stop striving


Be still… and know that I am God