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FL Cup

Sunday saw my most successful Fantasy League day in almost twenty five years of effort. The way the day unfolded says as much about how Fantasy League works.

Let me take you back three weeks. One of the leagues I prioritised in the 5 leagues I was involved with was the Only And Excuse head to head league. Though there was only 11 FL points between the top 4, I was 26 head to head points behind Adela the League Champion. I actually ended the season with more points than Adela but in head to head… luck?!?!

Well, luck I say. Three games from the end of the season something strange happened. We were not being told who our next opponent was… and then… then the league suddenly broke into a Play Off tournament between the top 8 clubs. Stuart pressed a wrong button somewhere at the start. He wasn’t pleased. I was delighted!

Now I had a chance to win from 26 points back. Quarter Final win, good draw in the Semi and last Sunday I am playing my good mate Tim, Janice’s cousin who lives with us, in the Final. 

My favourite real life manager Pep caused me to feel that I needed to concede at kick off when he rested my 3 City players including my captain Haaland. Our mate Stuart, admin of the league, pointed out on Whatsapp that Tim had seven players not playing and me, only five. I suddenly realised that Tim had players rested too and that subs would now be vital.

All my subs started but getting clean sheets from Tarkowski and Pinnock seemed slim. With 15 minutes to go it was all to play for but I had concluded that I needed City to draw 0-0 to give 6 points for both Raya and Pinnock in Brentford’s goal and defence. 

Then Kane scored, as my vice captain I’d double that. Tim was Triple captaining Salah who somehow was only grabbing an assist as Liverpool scored 4! Just as it was looking good and I was dreading a City goal (we’ve won the league!!!) Pinnock scores!!! It is mine! 82-52 in the end. My first ever silverware!

BUT… wait. On the morning of the last day I got a message from James Hume. James is part of my Facebook Pundits League. I was 5th overall in that league, James finishing 20 points ahead of me in 3rd. His message was that never mind the United-City FA Cup Final next week, we were head to head in the Facebook Pundits Cup Final. I knew nothing about this. What Cup? Two Cup Finals in one day and you’ve guessed it Harry Kane and Ethan Pinnock give me an 82-34 win. 

So, if these leagues had cups maybe the MK HitARyan Dons League had one too. They did and I won that 82-42 against Richard Armitage.

One Sunday - 3 Cup wins. A Stocki Treble. Treble? Who said Treble!

To be fair my 82 points was the highest score in any league that I was entered in. My last few weeks were strong to win Semis and Quarters BUT the skill that I do believe you need also needs a huge lump of luck. Who’d have thought that City resting players would allow my subs to play and that my third sub would score against City and that goal with a clean sheet would give me 15 points. 

That’s Fantasy League. I’ll miss it for three months. I love that luck, the signings, watching what my mates do and adding points over the weekend. I need to congratulate John McMullen who won the Fitzroy League and Cup double and the Facebook Pundit League a distance ahead of runner up Rodney McCain. Also well done Constantin Albot in the MK HitARyan Dons league beating me by over a 100 into second place.

John McMullen is the other side of FL. This man is not lucky to win the Fitzroy Double after winning the league last year too. He finished 11,814 overall. In a league of 11 million that is extraordinary. I was happy jumping in til the top 500,000! To win year after year shows that skill over hauls luck in some quarters. Shout out too to Alastair Beacom for finishing runner up in the Fitzroy League. Nearly caught you bro. Well done!

Now… how much Haaland next season?!  


Andy P

Love it, time for a Surmising Mini-League next season?

Rodney McCain

Cheers Stocki; as always, enjoyed taking part in the FB Pundits League… John is a hard man to live with!!

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