Fitz Women

We read Romans 16...


Women of Fitzroy

You are made in the image of God

Just like me

You are loved lavishly by God

Just like me

Jesus lived and died, was raised to life and ascended to heaven

For you

Just like me 

Women of Fitzroy you are also different to me

You have different sensitivities

You have different characteristics

You have different gifts and genius

But you are made in the image of God

So if we want all of God in our leadership structures

We need women

Or something will be missing

Women of Fitzroy we appreciate you

In the fulness of your humanity

Bringing all that you have to give

Into leadership at every level of our community life

In whatever leadership position you are gifted for

Thank you for your leadership

Every single one of you.


Peter Quigley

Thank you Steve
Totally agree with those sentiments!

David Mark

Thank you Steve

Joan McCaughey

Load a shite

Jackie Armstrong

Wonderful as always, Stocki.
But what does it mean to be "Women in Leadership" if we are "Equal to Serve" already.

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