(this is a little Lenten series for those who are interested... #1)


On of my most important spiritual exercises is realignment. It is the reason why I think Sunday worship is so important. The most important thing about the Sunday service is not the sermon… or the hymns… or the prayers… or the Bible Reading… or the offering… or fellowship together.

The Sunday morning worship service is a realignment.

All week long we are pushed and pulled out of alignment. For six days the human race perpetuates the great error of Eden. 

We are tempted to be like God. We want to be in charge. We want to know as much as God knows. The temptation is to stretch out to be more than we are as human beings. As it was in Eden such actions lead to us becoming less than human and we dehumanise others in our wake. 

Lent can be a six week version of Sunday worship services. An opportunity for us to get realigned into God’s best order of creation. 

Lent is an opportunity to give God back his Lordship over all that he has designed and crafted but also sustains. If we do it correctly we should discover that it is not an oppressive Lordship. 

God does not dehumanise us for his own self centred ego. Indeed, God has “de-divined” himself to become human and even dehumanised himself to death on an inhumane cross.

God as Lord is for our best. When Jesus offers us life in all its fulness (John 10:10) he is offering us the full potential of the life that he gave us. With God as Lord and we as the stewards of creation we live out our human vocation and there we will locate the deep gladness of realignment. 

Psalm 8 tells us who God is and why he looks at us twice. It points out our role in creation as stewards over animals, birds and sea creatures. 

When we are better aligned we always begin by looking to God who knows how, why and what we were made for. With God in place we can then look down from where we are and treat the world with the care and compassion of God, as seen in Jesus.

So as Lent begins, let us seek realignment, search our place in the great order of things, explore the fulness of who we can be as individuals and a collective. We’ve been rattling about with the trinkets of the milieu, denting our heads and hearts and souls and being knocked out of line.

Let us do Lent For Re-alignment. 


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