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(this is a little Lenten series for those who are interested... #7)


I am always concerned that Christian discipleship has been blunted, dulled and made easy. It has turned into some formula, leading to a comfortable life of niceness and keeping the status quo.

It is instead about a radical life turn, an unlearning of how we have been living and relearning a counter intuitive life that is costly and sacrificial. 

When Peter answered Jesus question, "Who do you say that I am?" with a "The Messiah of God," Jesus then told him the response to such a belief - “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me."

That is nothing short of subversive revolution. Christianity has been blanded down to putting your hand up at a mission, believing a few doctrines and fighting for whatever seems to be the sound defining doctrine of that age, and doing a daily Bible reading and prayer.

If only... if only Jesus had said that to Peter. That would be an easier deal to follow... but dull... very dull... and nothing like the John 10:10 'life in all its fulness".  


If only Jesus had said to Peter…

Put your hand up at a meeting…

Pray this prayer after me…

Go to Church…

Sing new worship songs…

Believe all these doctrines…

If only Jesus had said to Peter…


But he didn’t 

He said

Follow me

Follow me into the minutes and hours of each day

Follow me among the people you wouldn’t really want to be with

Follow me into the dilemmas of spiritual decision making

Follow me into the dilemmas of making value judgements

Follow me into dangerous and dirty and hostile places

Follow me into the concerns and heartache of family and friendship

If only Jesus had said to Peter...


But he didn’t

He said

Follow me and let us love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength

Follow me as we love our neighbours as ourselves

Follow me as we learn to love our enemies

Follow me into serving those who are not as well off as you are

Follow me to the cross of uncomfortable and painful sacrifice and self denial

If only Jesus had said to Peter...


But he didn’t 

He said follow me

Follow me and let us journey

Towards the person I died that you might be

To make the contributions that I was resurrected, for you to make.


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