It is ever impossible to listen to Inhaler without at least a thought about U2. Elijah Hewson is following in the family business, never harder when your dad is the front man for the biggest band on the planet. 

The first thing I am thinking about the comparison is how confident a young rock vocalist Elijah Hewson is. His father was stretching to find his voice, confident that he and his band mates had found a God given vocation and they were on the cusp of destiny. 

Elijah sounds in control with a near Bowie cool. With these guys, it’s not about who they are going to be but about who they are now. 

Inhaler have followed their debut record speedily and with a big dollop of aplomb. It is not a heavy sound but punctuated guitar riffs and bass rolls give Hewson’s songs of love and heart ache and healing and hope.

You can see a crowd swoop to the early drive and pout of Just To Keep You Satisfied and Love Will Get You There but there is swoon too in If You Are Gonna Break My Heart and Perfect Storm. Dublin In Ecstasy will have a home crowd bouncing.

Sam Fender is perhaps closest to what Inhaler are doing out there. Personally I am not sure that Fender has the finesse of Inhaler but he does have a content that has a social resonance and makes his songs more memorable as a result. Young Hewson might learn from his dad in that department.

Apparently Fender has suggested that both acts are alternative pop. You can see why. Nothing experimental or future-esque, just great songs, catchy melodies and a bouncing beat. 

Very good. 


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