God help us

We need leaders

You ask us to pray for our leaders

And we have

But we wonder if you are listening…


Whether in London

Or in Belfast

We shake our heads in disbelief

We would laugh uproariously 

If it wasn’t so sad and serious and tragic

Damaging mental health

Physical health

Care for the sick

Costing lives.


We have people at wits end

Wondering if can they feed their children

And not the historically poor

But the working middle classes

With heat or food dilemmas

And what food they can afford.


Meanwhile our political leaders,

Playing games for self and votes and seats and power

And seemingly losing every game they play

Seem bereft of wisdom, judgement, vision, credibility

Or care for all of those at wits end.


God help us

Find leaders

Who are compassionate and pragmatic

Who love neighbours as they do themselves

Who serve humbly for the marginalised

Who give the hungry something to eat, 

Who give the thirsty a drink

Who invite in the stranger

Who cloth the naked

Who look after the sick

And visit the prisoner

Who will let justice roll on like a river,
    righteousness like a never-failing stream.


God help us

Please be listening.


Brian Wilson

Stocki,. Those may be the qualities you pray for in leaders - and you are right. But, sadly, the Westminster chat is not about righteousness and justice. Greed was the cause of the last major recession - and the mini budget showed we learned nothing from that.

It is not that God is not listening. It is that we need to repent and listen to Him, being driven by the values you rightly talk about here.

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