MEETING THE POPE (with The Catholic Chaplaincy at QUB) - FITZROY; May 29, 2022


Knit PK

(Janice and I handing over 4 Corner's Festival knit items to Damian McNairney of The People's Kitchen) 


A few years ago Irene Jovaras and Janice Stockman got yarning around the edges of the 4 Corners Festival about their love for knitting. It didn't take too long for their love of wool and the Festival to spark an idea for a knitters event.

So in 2019 the first 4 Corners Festival Big Knit took place. In 2022 they welcomed The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, though he didn't have time to do any knitting himself!

This knitting event has become a poplar place for people across the corners of Belfast to gather and chat and share their love. While they do all that they actually do knit. The idea has been to knit items useful to the city. The idea for hats and scarves for the homeless was the creative ambition.

So the knitting was not only good but good for something and today Janice got to deliver bags and bags of hats and scarves to The People's Kitchen.

It is months later you might say. Well that is life and busyness but also because The People's Kitchen have been moving to their new premises at 1, Antrim Road. They have taken over an old bank, the safe vault doors are still there(!!), and are renovating it into a place for the homeless, the isolated and those caught in poverty.

It was great to see around the building, meet some of the volunteers and give a small contribution to helping those sleeping rough on the streets of our city for all kinds of tragic reasons.


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