Stocki and Dad

I wanted to thank you all for the support we have felt from you all on social media as we sit by my dad's hospital bed. 

I felt that it was too wonderful to just throw away in a short message, so I am sending out this blog.

My dad, Sam, has had dementia for close to ten years. Around six years ago he stopped recognising me. Five years ago my mum had a stroke and left us over a tragic weekend, probably caused by her loving care for Sam.

Dad has been in a home ever since and I have grieved every time I visited. Dementia is like a glass coffin. You have lost your loved one but have to continue to look in at them. It is harrowing.

Covid hasn't helped and we have had long stretches not seeing dad these last two years. It was good to see him last week and though I could see how frail he was, and Janice and I said our goodbyes just in case, I didn't expect us to be here so soon.

As I sit, watching and waiting, praying for a comfortable moving on I am drawn to an image that my friend Rev Doug Gay used at a funeral we shared recently.

It is the image of Jesus as the shepherd carrying a lamb on his shoulder. It was used a lot in the early church, found in catacombs, as an image of Jesus carrying us from one life to the next. Earlier this week in Rome I saw it in the catacombs. I hold it for my dad today, praying Psalm 23 over him.

I cannot express how precious all of your social media likes and messages have been. Every thought and prayer has moved us deeply. As did Eddie, Helen and Andrew's visits to pray today. It is wonderful to know that we are not alone. 

So, keep using this social media for all the positive things that it can do. Pressing LIKE can lift a heart!

Love, Steve, Janice, Caitlin and Jasmine


Time is an invisible memory bank

Time leaves photographs counterfeit

Time turns and burns and churns

A tornado with nothing in control of it.


Time is a dance we do to its tune

Time is an artificial measuring space

Time it tumbles, rumbles and crumbles

A cage we make for us to pace.


Time is a capsule that is full of time

Time always seems to leak too fast

Time it breaks and cracks and takes

A hope of forever that never lasts.


Time has worn you out

Time has eroded your brain

Time has brought you down this cul-de-sac

With no turning circle back again.


Time if we could take it back

What time would we go back to

And if time took us back to there

What would I say to you

Would we use the word love

And would that word be enough.





Michelle Scott

Steve I'm praying for you as you wait with your dad. Praying you know the Father's arms as he surrounds you, Jesus companionship as he sits with you and Holy Spirits loving strength as he sustains you in the hours, days and weeks ahead.
I lost my precious daddy in Jan. Dementia too for 4 yrs and septsis in the end. There is beauty in the ashes, and I learning to make friends with grief.
Bless you Steve, I loved your photos from Rome.


I had already been meditating on the Hebrew text of Psalm 23 for much of the past week, preparing my thoughts in advance for a service following the lectionary readings on 8th May. Praying that goodness and faithful loving-kindness continue to follow you and your dad, just as you have now blessed me with a beautiful image of our Lord and shepherd to share with others in turn.

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