Stocki  Martin and Carl F

photo: Neil Craigan


It was quite a week - the Pope, Carl Frampton and the Archbishop of Canterbury are only three of the unbelievable names. 

We are so overwhelmed this week at the incredible response of so many to our 10th 4 Corners Festival. Whether chatting to people or opening emails and letters or positive messages on social media were are thrilled that so many got so much from our wee Festival.

Thank you.

We are also thrilled that we can give this Festival to the people of Belfast FREE. Yet, of course it is not FREE. The Festival costs somewhere in the region of £60,000. 

We are so blessed by those who fund the Festival. The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs, the Northern Ireland Executive Office, Belfast City Council, The Belfast Linen Quarter Improvement District and Black Santa all give to us funds so that we can put the programme together and pay for our staff.

We would like to thank those who donate to the Festival in our Tesseracts at the doors or all the other ways.

Perhaps you didn’t get an opportunity to give at this year’s Festival due to all our Covid 19 restrictions. Can we encourage you to this even this long after the Festival - information here .

Lastly, and most important people, are our Friends Of The Festival. This is a group of people who give to us on a monthly basis which helps sustain our costs throughout the year. In many ways your regular donations encourage us psychologically through the year as well as financially. Again if you want to be a Friend of The Festival - information here .

Thank you all so much for all your support. We long to give the Festival a sustainable future. If we should lose one funder it would be difficult to continue to do what we do so we thank all of you for what you give to us. 


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