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The summer is over, at least in terms of Stockman vacations, sorbets and sabbaticals. I am back to Fitzroy a week now and beginning to fill the mind that I emptied over August with new imaginings.

Being creative has been problematic during this past Coronavirus year and a half. All energies have been used up just keeping Church running rather than thinking about extras.

I am not sure how the next year will be. There is still a lot of uncertainty around us as we deal with not only the deaths caused by Covid-19 but also the serious illnesses and the consequent disruption to family, work colleagues and contacts.

Part of me is a little anxious about not knowing but I can feel my soul finding energy out of the rest. Time to conjure ideas to do the worship, spiritual formation, pastoral care and mission that a fellowship of faith does. Whether online or in Fitzroy we will find ways to be conduits for the grace of God. We need a Gospel According To… or two!

I am also excited about celebrating the 10th Anniversary of 4 Corners Festival in the first week of February 2020. We have some wonderful possibilities of theology, music, art, drama, interview and more under this year’s theme Common Ground Common Good. 

There is also this blog. Thank you so much for reading it whether you are looking for a good record, a fascinating book, some passionate thought on sport, ideas about peacemaking or radical thoughts on Jesus. This next year should see Soul Surmise We reach 1 million hits which blows my mind. Thank you for encouraging my self indulgence!

My friend and companion in peacemaking Fr Martin Magill has a big birthday coming up in September. For one whole month I have no idea what it must be like to be his age BUT by October 10th I will know! We have plans as to how we can make these celebrations work for those that Jesus cared most about… watch this space.

For those who are kind enough to listen when I am on the radio, I am on for seven weeks. I start this Wednesday 1st September for Wednesday mornings (new time is 7.20 or so) and the day after I finish those I start on BBC Radio 2, doing Thursdays from September 23rd to October 14th (5.45am). My first Radio 2 one is on my favourite Queen song - no idea! 

I am sure most of you know my mantra on vocation. Frederick Buechner puts it succinctly when he says that it is “where your deepest gladness meets the world’s deepest need.” I thank God every day that I get to do my deepest gladness and pray that it can somehow meet some of this broken but precious world’s need.

Let’s do this!


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