Breathe Out

The morning after the 4 Corners Festival is usually the early feelings of post Festival blues. I had known this ailment way back in my Greenbelt days and had warned Fr Martin Magill about it at the end of our second Festival. The next day he rang to tell me that he understood exactly.

It is a feeling of being bereft. Bereft of the events. Bereft of the buzz. Bereft of the adrenaline rush of a busy week. Bereft of the audiences and the post event feedback around tray bakes. Bereft of the sense of team camaraderie. Bereft of the anticipation of the next event.

This morning was slightly different. I did have a sense of relief that we could breathe out and there were not pressures on us today about plugging events and making sure everything was ready for tonight. Yet, many of the normal berefts were absent from this year’s Festival. We had already missed seeing regular 4 Corners folk and one another. 

There is still a rush of reflection. The mind is filled with events. There is a jotting in the notebook of things to think about for next year. Lessons learned. New ideas stimulated. 

There is also a combing through the insights and stories and songs of the events that particularly resonated. Again the notebook gets a little work as I think about the depth charges dropped into my soul. Are there a few blogs in there? Where is my life changed as a result - rebuked, redirected, inspired? Watch this space!

My over riding feeling is of gratitude. At Night Prayers, every evening, Jim Deeds would ask us to think of a reason to be grateful. There are so many. 

I thank God for the idea he inspired over a coffee in Lenadoon in September 2012. 

I thank God for my fellow committee and Board members, brothers and sisters with like minds and passion for peace. 

I thank God for our staff. Megan is amazing as an admin. Martin O’Brien has gotten us lots of wonderful press. Alan Meban and Richard, Martin and Emma at Accidental Theatre put everything on line. They all went beyond the call…

I thank God for the contributors who played a proverbial blinder whether as speakers, panelists, poets, actors, musicians, singers, actors, comedians, dancers… we are so blessed to have such talent willing to support what we are trying to do.

I thank God for all of you who went online and registered for events, who watched and listened and shared your comments. It assures us that that idea wasn’t some idea of ours and that all the last Fridays of the month when we laugh ourselves towards a programme that it is indeed God who is giving us a clue to what might reach you all.

I thank God for funders. We have so many organisation who pay for staff and events.

I thank God for all the donations that you have given. There was no tesseracts this year so we are aware that you needed to be more intentional and go onto the site to give. Thank you!

I thank God particularly for the Friends of The Festival who give us a monthly donation. This doesn’t only help our cash flow throughout the year BUT there is a real feeling of support. 

Can I add that it is not too late to send us a donation now. We would so appreciate it. It helps us to look ahead in the development of the Festival and not be so dependent on the whims of funders. 

So today is the time for a good rest BUT… you’ve guessed it Fr Martin Magill is coming up with idea upon idea upon idea for 2022. If any one comes close to his social distance can you please pull his Duracells out! 

Enough to say… 2022 is going to eb great. Hope to actually SEE you there! Thank you again!


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