Stocki Waves

I can only describe it as the carry of a river. My dad used to talk about the carry. It was up the river from my Granny's thatched cottage in Galgorm village. Every Sunday in my early teens my dad walked our dog up the River Maine to the carry. That carry is now in loads of wedding photos. It is on that part of the river by the luxurious Galgorm Spa and Golf Resort. 

The carry. It is where the river speeds up as it goes down over the rocks to a lower level. It is rushing, gushing, fast moving. It is where I wouldn't like to have found myself the one winter afternoon in 1991 when I decided to take to a canoe with David Stirling, Lyle Creighton and Jason McMahon! It would churn up the smooth flow of a canoe.

It is such a shift in speed and mood that I feel when I am coming out of a sabbatical rest. Post Christmas Day I went into a religious self induced detox from all things work.

I refuse to read things that might spark my preacher's imagination. I close my notebook when I start writing anything but my Best Of the Year lists. I infuriate friend when I refuse to open emails that have anything to do with what I do! 

This has been a necessity. With all out smartphones and lap tops real vacations are very hard work. So I work hard at not working... for as long as I can.

This morning though something gave. I found the joy of music and novels and TV box sets had disappeared. I felt flat. I could have done with another good day's rest but... something was bubbling... it is how the Spirit throws me back into the fray... the carry from quiet waters of vacation to the white waters of vocation. It was time to let go. It was time to go over the edge. Start paddling like a mad thing! What does God's 10:10 life in all its fulness look like for me in the next few weeks.

So, the notebook opened. The coloured pens started scrawling. The to do list. It is quite exciting, as white water rushes should be:

  • Sunday's Lectionary - Creation and Baptism. All things new!
  • Schedule worship songs for January and February.
  • Who do Janice and I need to phone and connect with pastorally.
  • Start looking ahead at 2021 and how Fitzroy will look in the last weeks of lockdown and then in the opening up again.
  • 4 Corners Festival programme. Writing the introduction.
  • Starting to shape the Evening With Duke Special for 4 Corners Festival. very exciting!
  • Start sketching ideas for BBC Radio 2 Pause For Thoughts.
  • Get back to finishing Pope Francis new book Let Us Dream for a review I have been asked to write. 
  • Write an endorsement for Gary Burnett's book, based on his Paul In ten series in Fitzroy.

Oh it is exciting. I cannot wait to get started in the morning... who am I kidding... the notebook is already opened. Bring on the rush. Let's paddle!




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