TRIBUTE TO MUNURU ALICE (The Lessons and Pain Of Mission Partnerships)



(This is my Pause For Thought on BBC Radio 2's Vanessa Show on January 12, 2021... the theme was Winter Pick Me Ups...)


Goodness it has been cold recently. Of course I am further north than the majority of you.

Last Saturday I went out for the afternoon dog walk. After fifty yards the cold wind cut so deep that I told my wife I might have to get back to the car. I have a mild asthma condition that can be quickly effected by that freezing winter air.

Janice went on and I turned back but suddenly a young man with a shock of curley hair stopped and excitedly said “Steve”. He reminded me who he was. Lorcen. His sister was in my daughter’s Primary school class and we bonded as Manchester City fans… just before the glory years. 

It was great catching up. He was clocking some great 800 metre times. We were hopeful city had found their mojo again. 

BUT as he ran on I realised that if I went back to the car I might never thaw out again. Even with the heater. I suddenly realised that  My winter pick me up was to pick myself up and get moving. I set out to meet my wife and Jed.

It reminded me of the film Frozen 2. Anna is in very dark spot. Olaf is dying in Anna’s arms. It seems that she has now lost Olaf and her sister Elsa. She feels that she has no reason to go on. In a film called Frozen it is a cold moment of the soul. If ever someone needed a winter pick me up. 

Anna hears a song. 


”You are lost, hope is gone

But you must go on

And do the next right thing”


Go on. Do the next right thing!

In winter moments of the soul don’t go back to the car and freeze. Move. Do right things. It is why Jesus was always encouraging his disciples to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty a home to the homeless and visit the prisoner. 

In my winter moments I discovered on Saturday that it is best to keep moving although maybe not at the same pace as my young friend of Lorcen. BUT… Pick yourself up Steve and make the next right move. It’ll save from me from freezing and maybe save others from the cold too. 


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