REMEMBERING - TO WORSHIP - Fitzroy Gathering Reflection 8.11.2020


Janice and me in hand

I remembered this poem this past week. 

I wrote it for Janice when we were just good friends! As I remember it, quite a while before we started going out. 

The back story is that Janice and I were good friends for years before we started looking at each other in a romantic way.

Now, I always thought she was beautiful... and good looking too... but it took a long time to see us as an us. 

This was written as a commitment to friendship, nothing more... I know... even I wonder if there was more going on in it than I knew at the time.

I share it now because I believe that we all need last resorts just now. Commitments to friendship. I am so glad that I got to be Janice's last resort, quite literally!


If everyone betrays you

They hurt you and deceive you

If every one is called away

And friends all seem to leave you

If there's no one there to talk to

And no one to escort 

If there's no one left to love you

I'll be your last resort.



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