SHOUT THEIR NAMES OUT LOUD (For Those Who Were Killed in The Omagh Bomb)


On this vacation I have been capturing scenes from our evening walks in Ballycastle and then attempting to reflect with a short rhyme... some of the poems are from longer older pieces but most were written as the photographs were taken.


How do you do that
In the very same cloth of skies
Tie dye all these colourscapes
With swathes, swirls and surprise

How Do You Do That


Baby blue sky, smell of the ocean
Walking up memories to not forget
Like smoke rising from the barbeque fires
And the trail of the summer jets (apologies to Iain Archer)

Summer Jets


The sun is walking on the water
From her bed above Kinbane Head
Like a light bulb lit up in heaven
Much more beautiful without a lamp shade
Like a ballerina she shimmers across
Just gently skimming off the dance floor
Gliding on the waves in her yellow dress
Before waltzing up along the seashore

Sun On Dancefloor


When mist hangs heavy across the day
There’s nothing bright that it lets in
Leonard’s right about cracks in everything
It is how the light gets in

Light Gets In


Salmon sky out beyond Kinbane
Says I was here before the castle
And I will be here after you
So tell me what’s the hassle?

Salmon Skies


Some strange days, like God
The Fair Head can disappear
And my soul goes back to yesterday
When it stood strong, majestic and clear

Mist Hides Fair Head


Just how vivid is this evening air
The Fair Head’s deciding to strut right out
Veins of rock with heaven in the detail
Leaves the atheist a mountain of doubt
There is a beauty elusively placed
That picture postcards just can’t capture
Like you walking this beach beside me girl
God has me by the throat with his rapture
Fair Head 2
From where in your imagination came waves caressing
Where in eternity did you think blue sea
From where the depth and breadth of ocean
And where did you come up with me
From where in your imagination came the sun descending
Where in eternity did you think red sky
From where did you conjure the dream of love
And the idea that you’d have to die
The idea that you’d have to die
The idea that God would have to die.
Little rock sunset


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