HOW IS CORONAVIRUS IN INDIA? - Interview With Heather Lowry


Jed watching Me

It is a new rhythm in my week... a 22 hour period between recording the Sunday sermon and the Sunday sermon going live. I am going to blog the new ways of the sermon this week so I'll leave the strangeness to a fuller unpacking then but it is a weird feeling when the sermon is in the can and you can't do anything about what comes out the day after!

Tomorrow (going live at 11am) is Sunday Of The Good Shepherd in Fitzroy as it is for so many people around the world. We will be in the Lectionary reading of John 10 where my favourite verse appears (10:10). However, it is a very different societal mood to preach into this time.

We will be looking at the different marks of the preachers in John 9, the Pharisees spiritual abuse of a man healed of his blindness and the mark of Jesus compassion and restoration of his sight.

We will be realising the near violent danger of the context, "thieves who steal and kill and destroy" and will be asking what shepherd we want to see us through this Coronavirus Time.

We will wondering at what the Good Shepherd might be saying to us in what has been a tough week in our marathon journey through lock down. What might we need to carry with us out of lock down as different shepherds pull us one way and another.

We will have Talitha Bowman singing a song to help us on our journey through this valley of the shadow and a brand new Martyn Jospeh video (by kind permission) post benediction to give us some resilience and hope.

There will be prayers for our children and youth, a special video of thanks from Africa to Fitzroy and all wrapped in some homespun worship and a brand new benediction blessing .

It's another corker!

In the evening at 7pm there will be youthful energetic worship on our Passion Instagram page. This week Catherine and Sophie Forde will lead us from their house.

Also going live at 7pm will be Part 6 in Gary Burnett's brilliant series Paul in Ten is called Weapons of Justice. This is a magnificent series of ten short ten minute  teachings on the apostle Paul by the knowledgeable, and so easy to listen to, Gary Burnett. Go quickly and catch up! This week Gary is on Paul's teaching on how he saw believers as being God's justice in the world! 





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