Here Comes The Sun

On our one permissible escape from the house today, we went as usual to walk Jed around Barnett's Demense. It wasn't us usual though. The sky was blue and even more intriguing was that the sun felt warm! There is one particular 30 metre hill that is worth a 3 mile walk in fitness and at the top I was feeling my body sweat... and I wasn't wearing a coat for the first time since about October.

The strong hint of spring brought a smile to my face and immediately George Harrison’s voice was in my ear... “Here Comes The Sun... little darling...” It is for me the ultimate celebration of sunshine. Harrison's guitar seems vibrant with goodness.

Harrison wrote it at a time in rock history when things were far from sunny. Just two years after they sang ‘All You Need Is Love’, the Beatles were breaking up. It was while Harrison was escaping the managerial backbiting that he found himself in Eric Clapton’s garden, and with the sun shining he found some hopefulness. “It’s been a long cold lonely winter but here comes the sun”.

Winter is about discontent and we living through a metaphorical winter right now. Summer is where we would rather be. We all need songs of hope. We all need hope. It is easy to be gloomy in these Coronavirus days. Listening to the news and rising death tolls across the world it can be difficult to look ahead with any sense of sunny-ness.

My faith gives me an alternative. I look back to a long heritage and find myself part of God's story full of liberation, redemption and purpose. And the Jesus of the story speaks into the here and now with another way to navigate this rocky terrain, looking ahead with the hope of a better future.

Faith in Jesus is not just some ‘pie in the sky when we die’ hope, but a belief in a divine presence that brings strength, grace and wisdom to change what is into what could be. As American activist Jim Wallis describes it, hope is believing in spite of the evidence, and watching the evidence change. That might be exactly how George Harrison felt when he wrote Here Comes The Sun!


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