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Stocki and Fr Martin

photo: Bernie Brown


Dear 4 Corners Festival Goers,

We would like to thank you for your incredible support at this year’s Festival events. We were overwhelmed by the attendances, day after day. Ten days is a lengthy Festival and we are aware that many of you showed stamina by being at multiple events from beginning to end. We hope that you enjoyed (though enjoyed might not have been the right word at times) the Festival programme as much as we did putting it together.

As we reflect on the Festival there are far too many highlights to pick one or even two out. We hope that like ourselves you are taking time to unpack all that was said and sung and recited. There were many “depth charges” that will ripple on in our minds and hearts and souls for some time.

The Festival, thanks to all of you, has grown enormously over its 8 years. That has brought with it financial implications. It has been vital for us to take on administrative staff. We also want to be able to give a generous honorarium to attract speakers and artists.

We are dependent on your donations in our Tesseracts and even more dependent on grants. When a funder turns us down, as one did for this year’s Festival, that is difficult.

We therefore wondered if some of you would shift your generous Tesseract donations and give us a monthly contribution to help us with our year round costs (https://donorbox.org/become-a-friend-of-the-4-corners-festival). This would not only make next year’s Festival easier for us but also allow us to think ahead and plan for the next few years.

We believe that the 4 Corners Festival has become a strong contributor to tearing down our traditional barriers, bringing people together and allowing us to listen to one another and be inspired to make our mark as individuals and a community on bringing Belfast together.

We invite you to join us as Friends Of The Festival,

Fr Martin Magill and Rev Steve Stockman

Jeremiah 29:7


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