Fitzroy Offering

Our God we give you thanks

That we can come to our service of worship

We remember our brothers and sisters

In other parts of our world

Who are meeting in secret

Or even those who are meeting in public 

But with security on their doors

For fear of terrorist attack or religious persecution

God we are grateful for the freedom from fear that we have

As we gather today

We thank you to for all the resources we have

To help us in corporate worship

The musicians, the prayers, the Scripture readers, the preachers

Who lead us week by week

We thank you for this weekly discipline

That you have called us to

Of gathering together as community

To remember our place in your design 

Creatures before the Creator

Children in the arms of our father

Servants in the service of our Lord

We thank you for the space for this weekly habit

Forgive us when we misuse it

When we come and sing and pray and listen

And then when the music fades

Our souls get lost in the clamour

The clutter and the concerns of the week ahead

Lord as you forgive us, purify us

Send your Spirit that our liturgy of worship

Might spiritually renew us, refresh us and realign us

Lord may we see this weekly worship time

Not as a Sunday morning cul-de-sac

But as a highway into the week ahead

As the apostle Paul urged us

May we offer our bodies as living sacrifices

Holy and pleasing to you

May that be our spiritual worship

Not being conformed to the pattern of the world

But transformed by the renewing of our minds

To send us into our everyday lives

To make every connection accidental or diary scheduled

An act of worship

Lord, imitation is the highest form of worship

So may we be like you in every engagement

In our homes

On our streets

In our places of work

And of leisure

Across our city

Even reaching beyond, to our enemies

Lord by your Spirit, 

May we find in our times of worship

The energy of resilience and imagination

So that we might live the lives that you require

To act justly 

To love mercy 

And to walk humbly with your God

God, may this service of worship

Make service our worship in the week ahead.



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