Great tribute to one of the black sheep of the ccm community. Rest in Peace Rick....Rise in Glory

Doug Hammerstrom

I feel foolish. Have been listening to that brilliant song faithfully for years and thought it was by Rich. What a work of faithful art. Thanks for the tribute.

Glenn Bertone

Rick was a very very special child of God multitalented instrumentally vocally composing teaching evangelizing! I think he had a whole package! II was privileged to see him twice in concert the first one I’ll never forget is playing in a church in Northeast bNew Jersey think it was called a community church but it was strange because the church was in the basement when you walked in the front doors you had a walk down the long stairs to the basement and really at the coffee house that was for Randy Stonehill however shortly before the concert he was filming a video in Nashville and he accidentally fell off the stage and injured his strumming arm it was in a sling so he brought Rick along to back him up and wow what a concert especially when they opened up the second set Rick played three of his own songs alone and I was totally mesmerized blessed and blown away by his talent!!
I asked Rick couple years or so ago and he played up in central New Jersey at the time he was making videos from his home studio and playing acoustic guitar and singing I asked him to play one of my favorite songs he wrote which is stones off the first album my favorite!!🎼I posted this now because I just found this page late night Rick will be sorely missed Fernando and his talent but his love for Jesus his family the church and all those he comes in contact with he is greatly greatly missed!!!✝️⚓️✡️🙏🏼💨🎼⚓️🎸
Oh I forgot to ask he signed my CD of the first album and he sit on it that stones will be coming soon he was gonna play that song acoustically from his home studio I never seen it maybe I missed it if he did play it could you possibly post it online maybe Facebook or something that would be a great blessing!!& thank you and be well

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