TOWARDS A FORGIVING CITY - Closing Night of 4 Corners Festival 2019


I wrote this prayer for the 4 Corners festival BBC Radio Ulster Sunday Service that aired on Sunday February 3rd, 2019...


Forgiving God

We worship you for who you are


And loving

We thank you that you don’t just talk about love

But that you demonstrated your love for us, in this,

That while we were still sinners

Christ died for us

Forgiving God

We thank you for our forgiveness

And for what forgiveness brings us

Freedom from our guilt

Release from the bitterness and ghosts of the past




Forgiving God

Forgive us our sins

As we forgive those who sin against us

Except Lord

That that is one of our most scandalous sins

Accepting your forgiveness so quickly

While at the same time being very slow to forgive other

Our neighbours

Our enemies

Our Churches

Our leaders.

God forgive our lack of forgiveness.


Forgiving God

Your word tells us 

That you are faithful and just to forgive us of our sins

But then adds

And purify us from all unrighteousness

Lord, as we confess the scandal of our lack of forgiveness

Transform us into forgiving people

That we might become like you

Following your lead

To be forgivers 

Within our families

In our neighbourhoods

In our Churches

Between our Churches

Across our society

And even in depths of our very own souls.


Forgiving God

Our country needs forgiveness

A scandalous forgiveness 

That does good to those who hate us, 

Blesses those who curse us, 

Prays for those who mistreat us.

Lord, take us through the cross of forgiveness

The courageous self denial and the suffering

And bring us through to the resurrection of forgiveness

Where the past is left in the tomb

And brand new life burst through





May it be so,

In our individual souls

And in our communities

Right across the 4 Corners of our city and land.


In the name of Jesus

Who forgave

Even when they didn’t know what they’d done.




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