Cure Of Troy

With one of our committee being steeped in the dramatic arts it should be no surprise that we have always had some great drama events at the Festival. This year is particularly strong year.


BENEATH THE HARP AND CROWN - Coming To Terms With A Painful Past

February 2nd, 2019 @ 7.30pm - Agapé Centre, Lisburn Road, Belfast


Author and playwright, Philip Orr has been a friend of the Festival since the beginning. When some on the committee watched this recent play it seemed to fit so well with this year’s festival theme.

What would you do if you were a veteran Ulster Defence Regiment who got a letter from the man who killed your son, requesting a meeting?

Beneath The Harp and the Crown is a study of how to deal with the past, with a very human face.

Afre the play, Philip will Philip Orr will chair a panel discussion in which former Ulster Defence Regiment members will tell their own stories and offer their thoughts on whether reconciliation is possible.



THE CURE AT TROY - Does Hope and History rhyme?

February 4th, 2019 @ 7.30pm - Europa Hotel


The Cure At Troy includes those most famous of Seamus Heaney’s words:


History says, Don't hope

On this side of the grave,

But then, once in a lifetime

The longed-for tidal wave

Of justice can rise up

And hope and history rhyme.


Bill Clinton has used them and U2 twisted to make a point on their song PeaceOn Earth. Hands up for the rest of us!

In the retelling of a Greek myth Heaney looks at the power of the victim in any conflict. He suggests that the wounded has the power to transform all of society by letting go of their bitterness. 

Have we learned the lessons of Heaney’s poem? Let us ask.

This is a rehearsed treading but features well known Belfast leaders including Glen Bradley, Sammy Douglas, Clare Hanna, Naomi Long and Máirtín Ó Muilleoir. We are even more delighted that the poet Michael Longley has agreed to read that most famous section.


THEY STARTED IT - Exploring Forgiveness At School

February 7th, 2019 @ 7pm - Stranmillis College


4 Corners Festival has been working with the Play It By Ear Drama Group for a few years. They have a wonderful ability to use drama as a resource in teaching, whether in Church or schools or wherever,

For this event they have been working alongside pupils from all four corners from Belfast - Holy Cross Girls and Cavehill in the North; Botanic and Holy Rosary in the South; St Matthew’s and Victoria Park in the East and Glenwood and St Kevin’s in the West.

The play will look at what it means to forgive- for both the forgiven and the forgiver. There will be plenty of silliness, lots of laughs and hopefully moments which will get you thinking.

Very much a family friendly evening. 


REGISTER FOR THE FESTIVAL HERE https://4cornersfestival.com


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