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It has been three years since I have done a wee American speaking tour. That is the longest that I have been out of the States since 2003.

What happens with these trips is that someone asks me to do something and then that invite allows a ripple effect, opening up my usual destinations. My friend Lisa Ho gets on the phone and does a great job as an unofficial American tour agent!

This year it was Geneva College who threw the first invitation. I have never been to Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. I do not know who knows me there or why they have asked me to come all the way from Belfast but I am thankful. I will be speaking about both U2 and Reconciliation.

I then spend the weekend with my friends in Delaware, Ohio where I will be speaking in Terra Nova Church on Sunday 17th.

Then I am off to Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We have actually had 26 students from Calvin in Fitzroy this week, with my friends Ken and Gail Heffner. Ken was the first to bring me to America and it is always good to be back at Calvin. I will be speaking at Chapel and no doubt elsewhere.

I finish my trip in another favourite spot, Taylor University in Uplands Indiana. Again I have been going to Taylor for fifteen years and look forward to seeing the Moeschbergers and Austins and speaking about whatever they choose!

Obviously, many of these events will be closed but of course if you rein the area and fancy coming long, just message me!

Feb 13-15 - Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

Feb 15-17 - Delaware, Ohio

Feb 17-19 - Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Feb 19-21 - Taylor University, Uplands, Indiana


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