50 WORDS FOR FORGIVENESS - Our Belfast Telegraph article 13.12.18


Stocki at BBC Periphery

Peripheral vision. I love watching the wonder of peripheral vision. Maybe right now somewhere on the roads and streets and avenues of Northern Ireland, you might be benefiting from it - the driver with peripheral vision. 

A driver with peripheral vision never gets too absorbed in his or her own car, route or destination. No the driver with peripheral vision sees all the options happening around them. He or she will see you in that car waiting for ages on in a side street. They will see the traffic light changing just a little bit up ahead, so they can adjust to let you across the traffic without interrupting the flow of cars in the main thoroughfare. They stop, flash a light at you and let you across the road. Peripheral vision.

They are just like the players who play the the most beautiful moves in the game.  You know Manchester City’s David Silva, Ireland’s Jonny Sexton, Dublin’s Ciaran Killkenny or Jude Winchester from table topping Ballymena United. These kind of players play with their heads up ever alert to what is going on around them… they see things out of the corner of their eye, the whole pitch, every player, where the team mate is where the gap in the defence is… then the cutting game changing pass… beautiful. 

The Christmas Christ child took this kind of peripheral vision into life. A prostitute here, an outcast tax collector there, a Samaritan woman with quite a story at a well. Jesus was a player who saw everything and everyone going on around him. Every driver would have benefited from his generosity of vision. Jesus knew the move to make to bring everyone into play and allow everyone else to score the winning goal. 

So, this morning on the way to work or wherever. May we all benefit from the gift of peripheral vision. In our lives too, whether in family, neighbourhood or even politics. The players, that are not so consumed in their own self indulgent needs or narrow ideological vision that they miss the man or woman on the margins, are prepared to sacrifice their own glory for the good of others, for the good of all. 

Peripheral vision - beautiful! 



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