IN MY TIME OF DYING (SING THIS SONG) (with apologies to Snow Patrol)



On the Sunday morning before Christmas (11am) we will be doing a Fitzroy variation on the 9 Readings and Carols. There will be   a rare Fitzroy choir and songs familiar and not so, performance and communal. We are thrilled to have Irish Language singer Noeleen Ni Cholla guesting with us. Most of our readings are from the pen of the minister but I have enhanced my own perspectives with Max Lucado, John Ortberg and Trevor Stevenson. That last one is a reading from the memoir I have been helping Trevor with this year and has him hearing Geldof and Ure's  Do They Know It's Christmas in Uganda. 

The over all ambition is that we get the awe and wonder of what we are celebrating on Tuesday. This is a game changer, a world transformer, a human kind redeemer. We will begin...

"Lord forgive us when we explain and memorise Your indescribable birth

Help us to see it as it is

The word becoming flesh to live for awhile among us

Your actions being louder than the words of prophets or patriarchs or psalmists

You becoming one of us in order to reach us with Your love

Help us to see this baby as an example for us

That we too would act louder than we speak

And reach out to others with Your love."

... we'll take it from there. There will be no sermon as such but the readings and songs will be riven through with the inspiration and challenge of the time of year!


On Christmas Morning we will meet for a short family service at 10am. Note that earlier time! We will sing in celebration of Jesus birth and will the look for a short time at The Gospel According to... The Grinch! Talitha Bowman will be singing!


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