ACT OF REMEMBRANCE IN FITZROY 2018 - Introduction and Prayer


Poppy Gillian

Poppy Art and photo: Gillian Fitch

Tomorrow morning in Fitzroy (11am) we will be remembering the Fitzroy youth who lost their adulthood as a result of the First World War. Exactly 100 years after Armistice Day we will stop to remember. This particular year we are privileged to have members of HMS Duncan at our service. A Fitzroy member, Rev Brent Van Der Linde, is Chaplain of that ship and we are thrilled to have some of his colleagues with us. As a result of their presence we will be including the National Anthem in our act of Remembrance, which we do not usually do.  Gillian Fitch has created a beautiful piece of poppy art around one of our Memorial stones.

In the rest of our morning we will be worshipping God as we do every week. How do you worship God during a World War? How do you worship Good when tough times knock you off your feet? The Lectionary this week is 146. In one commentary I read "Praise of God is sometimes an act of discipline. Under the circumstances of war and destruction, praise is not the result of external happiness, but stubborn belief in the face of evidence to the contrary." We will be looking at how worship puts God in his place in our Creation and therefore we can find our place, no matter what the circumstances. Expect maybe a little Springsteen! 

Rev Brent Van Der Lende will lead us in Communion.

In the evening (7pm) we continue are brilliant and well attended series on Bible Literacy where we will be looking at the content and reason for the writing of the book of Exodus. We are delighted to welcome James McKeown who teaches Old Testament Historical Books and Advanced Hebrew at Union Theological College and supervises postgraduate students. If you are keen to know how to read the Bible then this series is for you.



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