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Yesterday morning, something happened during the sermon. It happens a lot but not with the same power as it did yesterday morning. Something broke in. It wasn’t in the notes in front of me. It wasn’t in any of my preparation thoughts. It came out of the blue and it was as fluid in my mind and fluent in my speech as anything I have ever said. It was the word for yesterday. It even came with a little pulpit thump! It is the word that people have spoken to me about since, talked about at home and even while climbing a mountain. For those of us of faith, the Holy Spirit interrupted.

I had nothing to say on Brexit, so the Spirit interrupted and told me I had. A phrase I have been using for some years from the books of James K A Smith broke in. We are not what we believe, we are what we love. The gut has us. The kardia in the chest drives us. As a preacher I need to fill my congregations hearts with the good news of Jesus Gospel much more than their heads. Our heads can be full of grand ideas but if the chest, gut and heart are full of other things, what we believe doesn’t matter. The apostle James suggested it would end up as faith without works - dead!

So… the challenge yesterday morning was for all of us in Fitzroy. What do we love? Yet, I also sensed it was a political comment on what is driving all of our politicians… 


We are not what we believe

We are what we love.


Trump will get four more years

I am sure of it

Convinced by the ordinary man on the street

Who said

I don’t like the way he goes about it

But I know he has made America a better place 

Than it was two years ago

Let me paraphrase

I really don’t like the way he goes about it

But I am better off

Let me explain that

He acts against everything I believe in

But he is giving me what I love.


We are not what we believe

We are what we love


What we love pounds our chest

What we love grabs our gut

What we love drives all our decisions

By-passing our beliefs 

With its sheer force

It pushes and pulls us to ideologies

To red lines

To borders

To flags

To language acts

We can believe a million good thoughts

But if our love is misplaced…


It is why Jesus had a golden rule

That everything else he said was built upon

A command that ties up every other command

Love the Lord your God with all your heart

And with all your soul

And with all your mind

Love your neighbour as yourself

And in case you mis-define neighbour

Love your enemies too.


With that in our gut

With that thumping our chest

Our hearts will overflow 

With humility, peace and justice

Salvation and shalom 


Not just for what I love.


To know someone

Do not ask them what they believe

Discover what they love.


We are not what we believe

We are what we love.


Mervyn Nutley

Brilliant Steve, just brilliant!!

Lisa Ho

Perfect. Took the words right out of our mouths this weekend... seriously just had the same conversation!

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