THANKSGIVING PRAYERS #1 - Thanksgiving to the God of the Universe - Maker God - BARBARA DASS

Fair Head

This is one of the prayers that member of Fitzroy, Barbara Dass, prayed as our Sunday service prayers. It is so good I asked Barbara permission to blog. I have broken it into 3 parts...


Our God the LORD is King!

Creator God we praise you!


You sculpted our wonderful land – the land that we breathe and walk in!

Let the white limestone cliffs of the North Coast rejoice!

Let the Fair Head boulders jump for joy!

Let the amazing Causeway columns shout!

Let the flora-carpeted sand dunes of White Park Bay dance!

Let the Mourne Mountains stamp their feet!

Let the heath lands of the Belfast Hills celebrate with swathes of white waving bog cotton!  

Let the fine sandy beaches shimmer and the crashing white horses roar!

All creation is glad in our place! 


Our God the LORD is King!

Creator God we praise you!


In your hand are power and might.

And it is in your hand to make great and to give strength to all.

And now, our God, we give thanks to you and praise your glorious name. *


Upon all who seek to care for our world,

Lord, have mercy.

Upon all who seek to conserve and preserve the earth’s goodness,

Lord, have mercy.

Upon all who work as your co-creators,

Lord, have mercy.

Upon all who work in dark or dangerous places,

Christ, have mercy.

Upon all who suffer through pollution,

Christ, have mercy.

Upon all whose land is spoiled through war,

Christ, have mercy.

Upon all who work on land or sea,

Lord, have mercy.

Upon all who seek to make this world beautiful,

Lord, have mercy. *


Father of all creation, we thank you that you 

Have given us a world rich in resources,

And made us stewards of your mysteries;

Help us to act responsibly,

Not wasting or destroying what we do not need,

Not polluting the earth, or sea or sky,

That we may act with love towards all things,

And so reflect the great love that you have for this world. *


Be with us, Lord God, Creator of all,

To strengthen us on our journey,

To guide us in all our doings,

That we may share in the love and care for your world.

Breathe new life into all creation and begin with us. * 


May it be so.

 * David Adam, “The Rhythm of Life – Celtic Daily Prayer”, Morehouse Publishing, USA, 2007.


read part 2 of the prayer here

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