HE WAS YOUR BOY (For Janice and Odie)


Odie at Full Tilt

I loved you

But not anything like you loved me.


I loved you

Beside me in Ballycastle Forest

Those steep steep hills

Across Ballycastle beach

Pirouetting for pebbles, thrown in the sunset

Together at Giants Ring

Where you crossed and wondered why I went all the way round!

You were fast


So sleek

Beautiful in full stride.


You loved me

When I took you for granted

When I scolded you for barking at the neighbours

When I dismissed your very presence

You loved me anyway

There was nothing I could do to stop you loving me

You cared for me

You protected me

You watched for my coming home.


The thing you loved most was loving and being loved

A scratch of the belly

A rub of the ear

A touch on your nose

You were sensitive to my feelings

You were constant in my moods

You were faithful, loyal, unconditional

A near Godly love that humans can never attain.


I loved you

But not anything like you loved me

The thing you loved the most was loving and being loved.

It was the very essence of you.



Kim Hamilton

Beautiful poem. Unconditional love. God Bless, Kim Hamilton


Tear-jerkingly true. Praying for God's comfort as you cherish the happier memories and rest in the hope of him who will swallow up death forever, wipe away all our tears and make all things new.


The Manse won’t be the same without the traditional Odie greeting. A big dog with a huge heart.

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