MERCY GIVERS - A Short Reflection of Song, Scripture and Surmise


Fitzroy 10-10

Those who know me, know my obsession with John 10:10. It seems to me to be one of the best poetic ways to describe the ambitious dream of God's plan to restore the brokenness of the world redemption, shalom, freedom, justice/righteousness and salvation. And me... I want it... I yearn for it... in my life and in the lives of those I minister to. Seeing across my life and world that life and life in all its fulness is what gets me up in the morning.

So, I wrote a prayer... a 10:10 Prayer...


Lord we come before you

Aware of our brokenness.

Lord your word explains our brokeness

But then after we are broken 

Becomes your great story of salvation

The story of how you love us enough

To offer human fulfilment of life in all its fulness

There is the redemption after Eden

There is the freedom after Egypt

There is the homecoming after exile

There is the salvation after Calvary

There is the Kingdom after Resurrection.


Lord forgive us for our complicity in the brokenness

Thank you that you are faithful to forgive us

And purify us from all unrighteousness 

We come to you broken ourselves

And thank you that Jesus offers Life in all its fulness

The Good shepherd who laid down his life for us

Lord by your spirit minister to us

Reveal to us what that life is

And teach us how we can live it


Lord we live in a broken city 

And you offer our city life in all its fulness

Lord help us to envision through your eyes

A city in all it fulness

Peaceful and prosperous as Jeremiah asked us to pray for

May we pray for it more often

But also get up off our knees

To mend the brokenness

And bring life in all its fulness tho our streets


Lord we live in a broken world

This morning we remember the broken children 

That this congregation reach

Through Saphara in India

Zanini Bantwana in South Africa

And Fields of Life in Uganda

Lord move us to play our part

In these children finding life in all its fulness.


Lord restore us by your spirit

And lead us by your spirit

To see the crowds without a shepherd

Have compassion on them

And be shepherds to them

Guiding them to life in all its fulness

And in doing so

Experiencing what you meant by

Life in all its fulness.


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