Debs  Cully

As I sat and listened to each speaker and the discussion regarding theology, my mind drifted to the scene in Devil wears Prada where Miranda Priestly explains Andy's choice of wearing a 'tragic blue jumper'. Andy thinks she doesn't care about fashion and she picked it 'just cause' but in fact everything about that sweater can be traced back to a collection by a fancy designer the year or so previous...This all makes sense in my head.

As soon as I heard the term 'theology' I thought, i really don't get why we must go on about theology, what even is it? To me it has been a hindrance and not a help in my faith. I believe the message of Jesus, the principles he set out and surely that is just the facts. I haven't got bogged down in theory cause when people start trying to quantify everything they seem to get very cross. I have wanted to understand why the facts are facts but I've stopped short of actually trying to work that out for myself.

So I wear my blue jumper of 'let me just muddle on and not care' but I then struggle to find my place in church, home groups, amongst fellow christians. The source is Jesus (the designer), and interpretation (theology) is the jumper. And I need to work out from the original source what that jumper is to look like. I am going to start thinking about that. How that looks in terms of NI I have no idea...but everyone is has picked a jumper whether they know it or not and I want understand what makes mine mine.

(I have re-read this, I know it doesn't really flow and i have typed it as my head has thought it but I understand it isn't very clear - I just needed to respond to something that feels like a light bulb moment.)

(I don't even like Devil wears Prada)

Debs Murray

Oh dear goodness, it autofilled with the wrong Debs! (i have no idea how to undo...)

Peter McIntyre

The New Testament refers to "the faith" as an objective principle; a statement of fact. The Church is called to contend for this faith and to lbseparate from on those who corrupt it's purity; espousing another Gospel. If Biblical Theology is God's Revelation of Himself, to detract from it is to diminish God. We do not worship the Theology, we worship the God whom the Theology articulates. It is He who calls us to separate from the brother who walks disorderly. Grace is important yes, but grace exists within an atmosphere of truth and justice. God is gracious to man because His justice was satisfied by Christ who bore our sin on His own body. Christ himself taught us to exercise righteous judgment and His attitude to false teachers was scathing. If theology is not an inflexible standard are we to create our own theological positions apart from Scripture? Is the Bible the inspired Word of God or not? Is God a figment of our own invention or is He the one revealed in His Word. How can you articulate views which appear to be opposed to Scripture and the Westminster Confession that you have subscribed to at ordination?

Debs Murray

I know the devil wears Prada thing was tenuous (tho totally made sense in my head!) but the next comment is really confusing. What is the Westminster confessional? isn’t theology all just interpretation...more opinion that fact. How are we to know if it’s fact? Cause when I read in my bible that Jesus called us to love and it is to be the greatest thing ever, I would want every word that came out of me to be dripping in the sweet nectar of love, that the fragrance of Jesus would lift the spirits of each person in every room I would go into and it would be Jesus they would see and not this messed up, struggling for answers (but a full of faith) girl trying to understand what God’s hands would want me to do in a very broken place...well if that’s what it’s supposed to be like then I think that comment which says a lot of words and stuff I def don’t understand seems to lack nectar...it reads a bit angry...or cross. I hope you don’t mind me saying that Peter...maybe there are new things to learn. I’m excited to see what that looks like, for me and anyone else that felt the challenge of that night at the 4 corners event.

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