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Tomorrow morning (11am) is an exciting morning as it is our Ethical Shopping Fair. Where Jesus was angry at those exploiting the poor in the house of God, we turn that around. In the morning, before and after the service, you can buy Christmas gifts that help the poor across the world. There will be various stalls of beautiful things from different organisations. The Stocki women have been working feverishly getting their stock ready. Made out of Ugandan fabric, you can buy cushions, shopping bags, table mats, shoe laces etc etc. Every penny spent goes back to West Nile in Uganda to help education at Onialeku Primary School. Goods that are not just good but good for something! - from 9.45am!

I am back on my 10:10 in Ten series (my intro was blogged HERE). You can even get a nine miniute audio and visual (!!!) of the first six in the series HERE.

Tomorrow we are in Isaiah chapter 6. It's a powerful story from Isaiah's life, deep in spiritual subjectiveness, heavy in theological insight. We will unpack some of that but there is another invitation to go with "I have come that you might have life in all its fulness"; "follow me"; "love the Lord Your God..." and "do not be conformed". God needs messengers. Who will go and do his work? Isaiah responds, "Here am I send me." We will be using poetry of Irish pubs, poetry of the nativity, stories of tame ferrets and where it is God is sending us to.

Tomorrow evening (7pm) I will be enjoying the installation of on elf my successors in Queens University Chaplaincy as I do my job as Moderator of Presbytery at the installation of Dave Gray as the new Presbyterian Chaplain. 

I will leave Fitzroy in capable hands as Desi Alexander, lecturer at Union College, author of  esteemed commentaries in the Old and New Testament and associate editor of the NIV Zondervan Study Bible who will start a series to help us prepare for the arrival of God on earth at Christmas.


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