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When Ricky Ross played The Empire Music Hall in Belfast back in November 2015 I was taken by a new song. It was about a dog… and God. I wrote this in my review of that gig:

This dog caught Ricky’s attention as it galloped happily across a Glasgow street right into the arms, surprisingly for Ricky, of its homeless owner. Ricky pondered the better life that that dog could have had but seemed to conclude that all the comforts an owner in Bearsden could have given the dog would not have made it any happier than it was. Sharing this when he got back home Ricky’s wife Lorraine said that that was the kind of love that only dogs and God had. The song explores this from the voice of the dog… or God… and if you have ears to hear the parable… Utterly grace coloured brilliant!

The song has just been released on Ricky’s brilliant new record Short Stories Volume 1. Back in November 2015 I was sure there was a theological depth charge at the heart of the song’s parable. Now we know:


But I'd know you anywhere

If I saw you morning night or noon

That's why I lift myself up enough just to run after you

I'd give you everything of me

Knowing you can't return it back in full

That's why I love you

The way only God and Dogs can do

That's why I love you

The way only God and Dogs can do 


I see another parable here in the third line. I see the father in the Prodigal Son story that Jesus told. I see him watching for his lost son, the one who wished him dead, who squandered his inheritance. I see him spot him, way in the distance, because he would know him anywhere. I see him running after that boy, to embrace him and welcome him home.

Why? Well that is the song’s chorus. The father is giving everything of himself. Knowing that it cannot be paid back. That is the grace of God. An unmerited favour. Loved as we are. Just because that is the love… that only God… and dogs give! Utterly grace coloured brilliant!


Kim Hamilton

The words are so very true Steve. Unconditional love, more than we could ever return and only God and Dogs can do this. 🙏 🐶

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