Uganda 17 17 team shot

On Sunday morning (11am) in Fitzroy we are going back to the summertime. The Uganda Team who called themselves #uganda1717, because there were 17 of them in Uganda in 2017, will be feeding back their amazing experiences.

If you in any way supported this team financially, prayerfully or just by taking a real interest then we invite you to come along and see and hear what happened in July on those couple of acres of Primary School on the edge of Aura, on the very north west corner of Uganda.

There will be video and original songs written by myself and Jonny Fitch about the trip. They are looking and sounded amazing!

There will be sharing by everyone on the team of their highlights. Expect inspiration in our souls, love in our hearts, tears in our eyes and chairs on our heads (you need to be there for that one!).

There will be an explanation of what we were doing… drama, craft, knitting, sex education, soap making, guitar lessons, sport, singing and preaching.

We will tell you about opening the new fence and calling it Richard and commissioning the well too!

I will be bringing it all together to ask why a Church should seek to get involved in a partnership in this particular way. What are the benefits in Onialeku? What are the benefits for those who go? What are the benefits for those in Fitzroy who might never go? (see how I use “might” there!!!) Why should it be taken as read that we go again next year? Where does it fit in to 10:10 living?

It will be a fast paced, stimulating and inspirational morning. 

We would love to see you there!

In the evening (7am) in our Welcome Area (use Rugby Road side door) we will have one of our elders, Michael Fitch, speak on 222. Why are all the Fitch family car number plates 222? Why on the way to Arua did we have to stop at the 222 miles stone to get a photograph.

Well, come along on Sunday night and see the spiritual depth and simple discipleship pragmatism of Michael’s 222!! I heard Michael preach this in Arua and on East African radio. It fits beautifully on the evening after our Uganda feedback and with Fitzroy’s new 10:10 in Ten sermon series but even if you are not a regular Fitzroy member this will be a spiritually helpful evening!

Again… ALL Welcome!


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