PRINCESS DIANA... BIRD ON A WIRE - Pause For Thought 31.8.17

MY RIGHTEOUS ROAD RAGE... BOOMERANGS BACK ON ME - BBC Radio Ulster Thought For The Day 1.9.17

Road Rage

If ministry all goes wrong, and there might be those hoping, I’d want to join Traffic police or be a Traffic Warden. I would do it with the same zeal and passion as I do ministry. I’m the guy that loves seeing cars in stupid places getting clamped!

I can become an angry driver. I excuse my rage and define it differently than road rage because my rage is a rage for road justice. I see the Highway Code as very similar to the 10 Commandments and the Sermon on The Mount. They are not there to spoil your fun or make your life inconvenient. They are there to make driving… or living… possible, instead of chaotic.

So, reading the roadsigns signs you have realised that a mile up ahead the outside lane is closing. You slow down… check mirror…indicate… filter into the queue. Now in a traffic jam, you put on your patient hat… and there he goes… BWM man… Flying up past the patient queue right to the police cones… expecting someone to then let them in.

These drivers are so important that they don’t feel that they should get in the queue. They are so above the rest us. Their meeting is much more vital. Their family so much more precious! Can you hear my righteous rage!

When we were in Uganda recently my righteous rage boomeranged back and smacked me right in the tenderest part of my soul. We had been partnering with a school in a poor part of Arua. We funded a school… and a bore hole well to given them clean water. We sponsor some of the children to make sure they get a good meal. 

Yet, as we returned to Kampala I started to get grouchy about having no hot water… and frustrated with the traffic… and that the pizzeria didn’t take credit cards. I was the important guy in the fast lane. More important than those who live without those things every single day.

I love Jesus refrain about the first being last and the last being first. The guys in the fast lane… queue… while the patient in the traffic jam get ahead. The poor finally have their needs met… and rest of us are not selfish enough to expect more than what we need. Oh for a world like that. Excuse me while I get off that fast lane…

This thought might apply to our politicians too… if the cap fits guys…

An hour after I broadcast… at the very end of an outside lane… a BMW slams the brakes and hopes to jump the queue… As Janice and I looked with a wee cheeky grin… I caught the car behind me doing exactly the same… and it was another BMW… You could not have made it up! 

DISCLAIMER - none of my friends who drive BMWs have ever been seen by us, doing this manoeuvre…


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