MARK ME SAFE (Conduit of a Merciful Wife)

Jani and I Lake Victoria

I was spending too much time chattering after a 4 Corners festival committee meeting and had failed to do my chores for a large event we were running at the Manse. Fr Martin was concerned about me and I told him I would mark myself safe as they do in hurricanes and earthquakes. The laugh got me thinking about the safety of this woman's arms...


Mark me safe

In the embrace of she’s forgiven me

Mark me safe

Grace from all the years living with me

Mark me safe.


Mark me safe

She’s the calm when I am lost and late

Mark me safe

With airport Steve at the Departure Gate

Mark me safe


We all have our foibles and quirks

Deep cracks and eccentric charms

When mine get on the nerves of the world

Mark me safe in her arms.


Mark me safe

When in grief’s daunt she takes my hand

Mark me safe

In the wildness of belief she understands

Mark me safe.


Mark me safe

When the empire and my soul collides

Mark me safe

When the Church’s magisterium derides

Mark me safe.


When it seems I confuse the God of heaven

With the soul mate love of my life

Never underestimate the Spirit’s faith

In the conduit of a merciful wife.


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