AirporT Steve

Airport Steve! He is quite a character! Slip my wife a wee glass of sparkly red and she will have you belly laughing with incidents when Airport Steve has given her funny stories in hindsight, but probably sent her mad at the time!

So, tomorrow evening, Steve is back in the airport. Our Fitzroy Team will first of all take the bus to Dublin before getting on a flight to Addis Ababa. From there on Tuesday morning we will take another flight to Entebbe in Uganda. That is all enough time and interesting places for Airport Steve to appear! There are rumours that Addis Ababa Airport might be a fertile space for him!

“What does Airport Steve do?” I hear you ask. Well, there was an incident in Toronto when after queuing for almost an hour to get Janice a plate of chips, I turned and covered them in salt, before realising that it was actually sugar. “Just flick it off and eat them!” was my embarrassed cry as I returned to a peckish Janice and a four month old Caitlin.

Then, Durban airport on a flight to Cape Town. We had been bored for maybe two hours, writing postcards to people we didn’t even know. Then, just as we were about to board, off I went and came back to Janice with two big 99 ice creams. We walked out onto the tarmac and boarded a bus to our plane. Bags over shoulders we squeezed into the crowded bus in a 30 degree heat with ice cream dripping down our hands. Janice laughed.

At Heathrow on our way to a sabbatical in Vancouver we were again waiting for a long time. We had left home early and I was reckoning it would be a while before we got the first in-flight meal so I went off hunting for sandwiches. As I returned I could see Janice waving and realised that families with young children had been called early. I then struggled onto the plane with all the bags and sandwiches. As I sat down I could see a stewardess waving down the plane with a couple of packs of sandwiches. I had to leave the sandwiches down as I put our bags in the overhead bins! She eventually found a red faced Airport Steve!

This blog probably doesn’t do justice to the stories, stories that in fairness even Janice’s exaggerations don’t do justice too. I travel a lot on my own but it is travelling with others that Airport Steve appears. Students and staff during our decade going to Cape Town will tell their own stories of when I lost the plot when we were charged for over weight, knowing that as a team we were well under. All kinds of Airport Steve moments.

So, tomorrow Airport Steve will be off again. 17 of us heading to Arua in West Nile on the north west edge of Uganda, less than ten miles from Congo and around 30 from South Sudan. We won’t get there until Wednesday night. Then on Thursday we will be heading to the children, teachers and community of Onialeku Primary School. I hope to blog regularly so if you are interested, follow the blog. There might be Airport Steve stories to tell… and as for Mosquito Net Steve, well he is a whole other chapter! 


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