Polling Station

Lord, it is Election Day

And I give you thanks for the right to vote

Many have given their lives for such a privilege

Many in our world do not have such a privilege

So I am thankful and determined

To fulfil my civic responsibility, responsibly. 


But Lord,

Election campaigns are so contradictory

The candidates seek our support

By selling themselves to us

With posters and manifestos

And door step visits and television debates

They attempt to wow and charm us into voting for them

Yet, the opposite seems to be the case

Their childish and divisive behaviour

Their arguing and cutting across one another

Their putting the other down

Their finger pointing arrogance and judgementalism

Has me far from wowed or charmed

But feeling near nihilistic about finding someone to mark X beside.


But Lord,

I am determined to use my precious vote

So help me God

To not take the easy way out and stay at home

Or be lazy and not carefully weigh up the manifestos

To not be swept along by the best cheap cliche or false promise

Lord, help me to look hard

And find a candidate who

Will bring shalom to the place I live

Peace and prosperity to my city

Who will be a leader in peacemaking

A lover of their enemy

Help me find a candidate

Who will give the hungry something to eat

Who will give the thirsty something to drink

Who will invite the stranger in

Who will cloth the naked

Who will look after the sick

And who will visit the prisoner

Lord, help me vote for the candidate who covers the most aspects of your social mandate.


And also Lord

Take away my nihilism

Before I vote

When I vote

And even more importably after the vote is counted.

Help me Lord to see

That you have not called me to wait until shalom drips down from the Parliament

But to live as a groundswell of shalom creeping up

From the streets into the Parliament

Demanding shalom

Encouraging shalom

Inspiring shalom

Revealing in how I live

What heaven is like

Every single day here on earth.


Lord, thank you for my privilege to vote

Thank you for the vision you gave of a better world

And the part you have invited me to play in it.


Lord, it is Election Day

Help me do my part!


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