Paul Duffy

I was first in the Makin Tracks queue that night and I excitedly told those waiting that the band were going to make an appearance. No one believed me.
How did I know? I had the mind blowing experience of spending the whole day with them at rehearsals in the Blackstaff Studio and the Whistle test recording that night with a Andy Kershaw. Best day of my life.
During that morning I asked the Edge how they could travel and play all over the world, yet not come up 100 miles from Dublin and play for us. The following day, The Kings Hall gig was announced. Quoting a Edge in the Belfast Telegraph, he reiterated that conversation with "a fan"so I claim that fame!
Plenty of pics were taken throughout the day of me and Bono on the Lisburn Road, and at his Limo, and backstage with Edge and Adam. Also got close ups of the band on stage, met Ali Hewson and had a private guitar lesson with Edge rattling off Pride on the name of Love.
What an incredible day. I will never forget going into the backstage toilet for a pee, the door opened behind me and a figure walked to the next urinal. I glance over and it was Bono.
A surreal moment, I smiled and shook my head and Bono just grinned, as if to say I know.
Footage has recently appeared of that gig on YouTube also. Worth watching for Bono fluffing his Pride and blaming Edge! " come on Edge, we don't get the chance to play Belfast every day"!

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