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Noel Agnew

Steve, Really good article - saying much of what many will think today. Grace is wonderful in that it turns the direction of our thinking and opens up horizons we never knew we could explore. I don't wan this to sound critical but we need to be clear repentance at its purest is the result of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. We're living proof of that because, from our back ground and with the experiences we've had only a supernatural work could change us as we've been changed. May grace abound in this land of ours, grace based of the son of god being willing to do what was newcessary to make people like us his friends.

Richard Lynas

Interesting comment in tonight's Evening Standard '...the former IRA man, who died last night,could only have been as effective as he was as a peacemaker because he was an IRA commander ... it sometimes takes extremists, rather than moderates, to make peace.'

Hadden Wilson

The mutual grace and humility shown by Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisly opened up a whole new era of hope in Northern Ireland which was surely orchestrated from heaven. The two men have gone but please let us continue to build on their legacy. That will be the greatest memorial to both. There is palpable good will among us right now but also also lurking are the dark clouds of our sectarian and tribal past. Let"s feed the former and starve the latter!

Ken Newell

Thanks, Steve, for your piece. A friend of many years who was a prominent leader in Loyalist Paramilitary circles phoned me this morning to say (I paraphrase and shorten a longer conversation) that he watched Martin's funeral in Derry yesterday unfold with civic, political, Christian Church leaders and diplomats joining the tens of thousands at the Long Tower Church. 'An act of serious decommissioning took place in Derry yesterday', he said. 'The political, religious and cultural weapons that have dominated our minds and hearts for centuries were visibly destroyed in the warmth, generosity and inclusiveness of the occasion. Now is the time to bond together, rise above the divisions that have marred our diversity and push for a future together that has space for us all to form deep and lasting friendships that can transform our country.' My loyalist friend put into words my own scrambled thoughts of having experienced it all yesterday in the company of Dr John Dunlop. Your all-so-honest piece made me want to share the experience with you. Shalom, Ken

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