London Be Still

As the news came through of the suspected terrorist attack at Westminster yesterday, my mind went back to a moment in August 1989. I was falling in love with Janice. We were up at Westminster on a hot sunny afternoon. We had sat at Westminster and gazed across the London skyline. I had never been to London until that summer and I was mesmerised and in love with its vibrancy, art and music. 

I was also falling in love with Janice. As we headed towards the Tube Station at Westminster that afternoon I found myself a few yards ahead of her. I looked back and she was laughing and my heart took a photograph of that moment. Love was bursting through my chest in the most delirious way! 

I think of that moment today. Where we fell in love. Where utter joy consumed me. Right there people were murdered and injured indiscriminately. Today people mourn the loss of their loved ones. A city is shocked and a little more fearful.

I added my heart taken photograph to the news of the terror attack and added a prayer. All in sixteen lines...


I caught her face at Westminster Bridge

My heart lit up, my soul shone

I reached for her hand, our laugh burst

We built the rest of our blessed lives on

London, you’re where I fell in love

Now you’ve fallen and lie bleeding

In the devil’s miracle of our fallenness

May you find what we all our needing.


Today, I remember London

And I offer up a prayer

For grace's interruption

God’s comforting repair

Let’s stop all this hatred

For this hate I’ve had enough

London, be still and know 

The indiscriminate power of love.


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