Ken Newell

Brilliant, honest and searching piece, Steve. I'm so glad you looked at the issue through the eyes of your faith in Christ, a perspective less common than it should be among believers on such important matters. Thanks for helping me think through my own decision tomorrow. God bless, Ken

Richard gunning

I respect your thoughts and opinions but I really struggle with the idea that voting Remain is the Christian thing to do? We can most certainly show Christlike love, compassion etc and also share the Gospel without being a member of a bureaucratic, corrupt EU system which has caused misery in much of southern Europe. Their response to the migrant crisis has been a total failure to date and a disaster for the refugees themselves. Is handing over billions to an organisation whose accounts have not been audited for 20 years good stewardship of our precious resources, could they be better used? If we kept some of the money we hand over annually could we not do a far better job by giving it to trusted aid agencies on the ground?

Pete Wedderburn

"accounts have not been audited for 20 years"
See this fact check http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36276175
One of the problems of this debate has been the telling of lies on both sides and then people who have their minds made up already hearing those lies as "facts" and retelling them.
As Steve says, at least this will all be over within 24 hours!

Richard Gunning

Hi Pete,

Thanks for your response.

I did not post the comment about the accounts lightly or without research. Like you I would be most careful about spreading rumours in this vital debate.

I have always been most concerned about this issue of unaudited accounts. I therefore have researched it. I called a local radio phone in which featured two pro EU MEPS, Jim Nicholson and Martina Anderson, both accepted that the accounts were not approved by the auditors! They refused to condemn his and danced on the head of a pin to avoid giving a response.

I then googled the issue to see what I could find and would refer you to www.richardmilton.net/have-the-eu-accounts-been signed-off-or not/ He covers this in a lot of detail and I would encourage you to look at it. His telling point is that after years of the Court of Auditors refusing to sign their accounts the EU changed the way of presenting the figures by splitting them in two - one part which the auditors could approve and sign and the rest in a separate section which the auditors refused to sign due to up to £4 billion unaccounted for by the EUs own admission. If this is correct it is truly shocking. This site also goes into a lot of detail on questions such as Norway - do they really follow all the EU directives? Answer apparently not, more like 20%!

The absolute truth is impossible for us to truly know. However if Richard Milton is correct, and he does seem to have done a lot of research, it would well appear that the EUs accounts are suspect to put it mildly.

Thanks for coming back to me. I trust you will accept that I did look carefully into the question which is of great concern to me.

God bless you,


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