Rosemary McCloskey

Well said Steve. Thanks for this tribute to aman who showed such love and comapssion and who became your great friend .God bless you


I can relate to every single word of this tribute. Father Gerry was a man who oozed Christ's spirit in every hug or handshake. He gave me spiritual direction for three years during my ministry on the Shankill and I will never forget his warmth, hospitality and Godly wisdom. What you say about the eucharist and Maryanism, I can also fully remember and relate to. Thank you for sharing this so well.

Rev Harold Agnew

Beautifully expressed and a fitting tribute to a true man of God. My father had contact with Fr Gerry back in the early 1980s when ecumenism was not accepted by many among my Protestant tradition. What a privilege it was to meet Gerry on a number of occasions in the course of my ministry. He along with a number of the Clonard pilgrims came to my then church at Cregagh Methodist to share in our annual Covenant service last January. Many wonderful memories of a true man of God


In all my encounters with him, he was a true gentleman. Up at Clonard many years ago Ken left him and myself to chat over lunch. His gentle wisdom was what struck me most. I interviewed him and Ken together a few years back before I left Fitzroy at Evolve, two old lads but they had the kids in the palm of their hands! I still have the recording if you want it. In true Protestant Pop Evangelical style that night I asked Gerry to give the kids his best advice for living life to the full - he recited a Psalm and left it with us without explanation!

My best memory is of the same night in Fitzroy when Ken and Gerry were finished at Evolve and the door knocked at the side of the church. I found two young students from Armagh who had evidently come up to the Holy Lands for a bit of a lash and had gotten a little out of their depth. They were panicked and soaked through from whatever they had been up to. (Two Irish Mammies wouldn't have been well pleased!) They said they realised that we weren't a chapel but would like to chat to "the Priest". Only in Fitzroy could I fetch Gerry (and Ken) who took them to the parlour for a chat, a prayer and blessing before sending them on their way. It was a lovely moment in many ways!

Roberta Clotworty

Thanks Steve, great tribute.

Joe Castle

Many thanks for your kind words. I was lucky enough to know him fondly as the wisest of men for all my 48 years. Being his nephew was both a privilege and a burden, how could you come close to being as kind, as honest, as calm, as holy as this man? Like all the family, we are all in mourning, but we are filled with pride for his deeds, and gratitude for the years we spent in his company. Wasn't it wonderful? Was he not an exceptional human? I will miss him.

Donald Ker

Thank you for this. It expresses so well the Gerry that I knew. It was a joy and a privilege to work with him, but even more just to be in his company

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