WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN TO LIVE IN GOD - Sermon From Van Morrison Sunday in Fitzroy


Fitz plans

Tomorrow in Fitzroy is a very exciting day that we have waited for for over a year and some time before that. Tomorrow after worship we will have the opportunity to walk round our brand new halls. We needed to fix damp in our ageing floors. As we looked at that we realised that this was an opportunity to fix up halls that were far from suitable for our contemporary ministries within the congregation and out into our neighbourhood community. So, we reshaped the old halls and have added three new rooms as well as a very attractive welcome area, a warmer entrance to all things Fitzroy. So... tomorrow we get a walk round before we begin to use this resource in these next days. Official Opening weekend is not until November 13-15 but tomorrow we get our halls back and more. Very exciting!

In the morning (11am) service I will be looking at the Book of Esther. Like other Old Testament literature we see a story not so much about the characters in the book but about the God who infuses their story. This is the book in the Bible where God is not mentioned by name yet it is a book more about God than Esther! We will be looking at a God who is subtle... to be obvious! A God who is present where he can't be seen. Some guitar crunched worship too!

In the evening (7pm) Desi Alexander continues his very insightful series in Leviticus. It is no exaggeration to claim Desi as a world expert in this book. 

All welcome!


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