Onialeku PS

Tomorrow morning (11am) in Fitzroy is an exciter! It is a Family Service that will be led by the Youth team who went to Uganda with Fields Of Life this past summer. There will be video, African songs, drama, an original song by Jonny Fitch and excited and vibrant young people telling the congregation about what they experienced. I will be thinking too about the school building that Fitzroy funded and how transformational that is for an entire community in Onialeku, Arua, Uganda! If you helped fund these young people it would be a thrill to see you there, hearing about what you contributed to! Everybody Welcome!

In the evening (7pm) We continue our series on Leviticus. For a year now we have been doing short series on How To Read The Bible. We have been helping in contextualising the genres and histories of Biblical books. This series is taken by Dei Alexander, lecturer, author and even recommended recently by Tim Keller Wisdom on Twitter! Again everybody welcome!


Pr. Emazu David

Praise the Lord
we greatly appreciate
The blood of Jesus has made people of all Language, color and Nationality, our words of thanks seem so insignificant to the very bi------------g heart you have for us our eyes are filled with tears of joy, who would have thought of building of that standard with tiles if it was not the precious blood of Jesus the Son of God.
You have made a mark in our heart that nothing can rub away, we have nothing to give you except our love and our prayer
God bless Fitzroy Presbyterian Church- Amen
Pr. Emazu David and Rose
Onialeku PEFA-Church, Arua, Uganda

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