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THE IT'S NOT FAIR (RHEMA THEATRE) IN FITZROY - Be Educated by Entertainment

Rhema Theatre Company

Marshall McLuhan once said that if anyone thought that there was a difference between entertainment and education that they didn’t know the first thing about either. Oh how a few sermons could have listened to that truth! I remember hearing one minister say, “If those young people think they are coming here for entertainment then they have another thought coming!” Oh dear, and we wonder at the soul drain from Churches!

Anyway, the art of entertainment is a powerful way of educating us in an array of issues. We use it a lot at Fitzroy. We believe the Bible is entertaining and educational! We believe McLuhan was right!

In the past two years, The Belfast Telegraph reported in June, 86 victims have been rescued from human traffickers in Northern Ireland. One third of them were under 18 years of age. The majority were Romanian, Chinese and Romanian but 15 were British and Irish nationals.

Our Justice Minister David Ford said: "Human trafficking is an appalling crime where victims are robbed of their basic rights and forced into a life of slavery.

International Justice Mission claims that there are nearly 2 million children involved in the sex slave trade worldwide. If we think that slavery ended with Wilberforce we need to think again.

Come to Fitzroy on Sunday October 11th at 7pm and allow the The Rhema Theatre Company to stimulate your thinking, touch your heart and inspire your souls with their ‘The It’s Not Fair’ production.

In a potent blend of theatre, storytelling and music. It will take us to cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast, dingy bars of the back streets of Thailand and houses in London. It will then show us how anti-trafficking organisations are doing something about it!

Come to be gripped by the art (entertainment), be informed about the evil (education) and to go away to do something about it (discipleship)!

The Rhema Theatre Company presents

The It’s Not Fair

Sunday October 11th at 7pm

Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, 77 University Street Belfast

Age 11+ tickets £7 (£4) 

'International Justice Mission' and 'Stop The Traffik'.

info at 07492 591302


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