Dar Emerald

“Wake up and you still feel the same

It’s hard to move when you’re reeling from the pain

You say it won’t get better

‘Cos you don’t deserve it

So you think that maybe you’ll jump off

Now that you’re standing at the brink

But it’s really just a drag

It won’t get any worse

It’s not your special fate

It’s not an evil curse…


It’s just something to get through

I bet you

You’ll be laughing

With your friends

In the light of a better day

Laughing away

Just not today”

Regular readers of Soul Surmise will know that I am keen on the pastoral song. Here is another cathartic gem. Dar Williams has been a favourite songwriter for many years but I haven’t given her much attention in recent years. Through her new album Emerald she has my attention again!

This song particularly caught my attention. Regular readers of Soul Surmise will know that I am keen on the pastoral song. This is another cathartic gem. These are good words to run around your head in a dark night of the soul.

It reminded me of a poem I wrote a while back called The Dark Gets Darker in Your Darkness. I end it with some verses from Isaiah 43: - 

The dark gets darker in your darkness 

Not a glimmer of a flicker at its end

Sometimes you’ve got to live on through

Until you find yourself alive again


The rivers will sweep

I will be there

The waves will crash deep

And I will be there

The blazing flames will creep

And yes I will be there!


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