HEATHER HIND: HINDSIGHT - Stocki's Summer Listening #2
SINEAD O'CONNOR: I'M NOT BOSSY, I'M THE BOSS - Stocki's Summer Listening #3


Fitzroy Board

Tomorrow morning (11am) in Fitzroy we will be coming out of our year long series in The Gospel Of John. We will be reminding ourselves of Jesus intention at subjective and objective redemption, the forming of a new radical community and then sending that community as he was sent. We will then look at the frontline to which we are sent and begin a new series based on Mark Greene's book Fruitfulness On The Frontline. Through the Old Testament story of a nameless teenager, in the wrong place through injustice, who trasnformed her frontline in a very ordinary way by faith and grace. 

In the evening (7pm) we will be having an evening Communion to which we have invited our brothers and sisters at Clonard Monastery. The Clonard/Fitzroy Fellowship is over thirty years old. Though catholic Church law continues to prevent us sharing Communion fully we are keen to keep compnay with each other in such moments. There will be a a musically reflective approach to the elements, some worship by the gifted Norman McKinley and I will speak of what IS but not yet COMPLETE... symbolised in the sacrament. ALL WELCOME!


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