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Jan V.

Dear Steve, thank you so much for your 4 written parts about the new U2 album. Because you know more of their history the songs come closer to me! I'm again touched by this new U2 album, also in my life with God. Many years now I see U2 as an important source to understand more about God and the reality of life. For a couple of years I have your book. I really helped me a lot. This year I organized for the first time a U2 retreat in the Netherlands. With some dedicated U2 fans\Christians we listened to the music and during devotional times we found God in the U2 music. Blessings. Jan

Kevin Fenton

Hi Steve. Love your ideas which resonate so closely with mine. What about the line 'God knows it not easy, taking on the shape of someone else's pain..' Don't you think that even in a song about suffering domestic violence this is also a direct allegorical reference to the cross and to the divinity of Christ?

Teresa Sellers

I built my dream and lived it...a home for the old sick and dying Dementia senior citizens.

For a decade, 6 seniors at a time lived in my custom built lakeside retreat. It was like “Hotel California” and “She Talks to Angels”, I found myself living in “God’s Waiting Room”.

I lived with the dying and they taught me more about living than I could have ever imagined.

To love is the greatest gift there is in life.
The cost of love is tears,
Some tears are happy and some are sad.

Teresa Sellers, Douglasville, Georgia But now living in Australia writing books

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